Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

We all know the Goddess and God come to us in many forms. Their chosen forms are easily found with a simple Google search these days. I have traditionally been drawn solely to the Netjer/Netjert, the Egyptian name for the God and Goddess, but that changed last week!

Hekate (also spelled Hecate) made Herself manifest to me in the peripheries of my consciousness at first. It felt as though She hid behind the veil, behind the cedars in my backyard, merely peeking around the trunks then vanishing. I would catch Her at the corner of my eye, at the back of my consciousness. When I failed to heed that call, She came to me very forcefully in my dreams.

The dream went as follows:

I was with a friend who had lost her horse to death. We were seeking a reddish bay for her to help ease her grief. During this search at a beautiful green farm filled with equally beautiful horses of all ages and sizes, I decided I, too, would buy a horse. I wanted a black horse (as I’ve always desired in real life).

I toured the farm, seeing many lovely and engaging horses, but none were black. As I approached a large paddock with a rocky, moss-covered waterfall at its rear, I saw her.


A stern golden woman, shining in the sunlight studied me quite critically. Her plunging golden robes revealed her tanned breasts, she held a golden staff in one hand, a golden athame in the other. He hair was spun gold, her eyes black. Her intent was clear: SEE ME! 

In an instant, she transformed into a stunning golden mare. An Akhal-Teke as pictured below.

HekateHorseHer flanks glimmered in the sunlight and I was smitten. This would be the horse of my dreams. I released my intention of buying a black horse and closed the deal for my Goddess horse.

We loaded Her into a trailer, along with the bay my friend purchased, driving to the beach to ride them in the surf. As we saddled and reigned the horses together, my Hekate mare turned and nipped me on the neck, a clear sign She would not be bridled by me.

I awoke with a start and took a few days to contemplate the dream’s meaning.

Obviously, Hekate is calling to me and wishes to be recognized, perhaps even utilized in my worship/spellcraft. After more research into Her history and nature, I am elated She came to me and I will call upon Her for strength, protection, and energy as I would with Sekhmet.

Unlike my dream self, however, I am quite poor. It will take a while to purchase things like statues of Her. I don’t even have a printer that I could make an image to add to my tiny, growing (or, should I call it regrowing?) altar. For the time being, visualization and intent shall have to serve.

Thank you, Beloved Mother, for coming to me at this crossroads in my life, opening my eyes, my heart, and my path!

About Lilith Emerald-Lioness

Author, Pagan, Witch, RadFem, Activist, Ace/Bi-romantic, Tea Addict, Cat Slave, follower of Bast. . .
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